Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Waldorf Storytelling: The Unichronicles

Our new show this week on the Waldorf Channel is now available at:

It is called "The Unichronicles" and is an example of what Waldorf Storytelling would look like if the figures could move themselves. I think I am safe in saying that this is the first animated knitted unicorn video ever made. LOL!

And it is just so DARNED CUTE! Sofi and I had so much fun making it that Sofi is already planning our next one. It took us the entire day but it was a fun day!

It is ten-minutes long but it has a surprise ending that is fun :)

SPOILER: Kimberly - don't watch this unless you want to know what your unicorns are going to look like when they arrive in a few days!

NOTE: Tizi...what do you think? Do you have any characters that want to join in next time?

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