Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cute Father's Day Verse & June has MORE stories and verses....

Papa Fishes
Norwegian Folk Song

Fishy, fishy in the brook,
Papa catch him with a hook,
Mama fry him for our sup,
Baby eat him all right up,
Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!

Of the 50 or so verses I just uploaded to June this was my favorite :) This verse is from the ages 2-3 section. There are also verses for all other age groups ages 2-12.

Bobbie asked for some more thematic stories and verses for June and I already have some in my files from past years (you do this for enough years you actually get BURIED in verses and stories) so I have been organizing them to upload to the June member's page. All June members already get 4 lesson blocks for the month and IN these lesson blocks are stories and verses. However, each lesson block has its own theme.

These new uploads will be for everyone who is a member of the June group and will include the following additional themes in the form of A LOT of VERSES and STORIES:

Father's Day
Midsummer's Night
The Sun
The Sand
Saying Goodbye

As a June member you also get to choose FOUR lesson blocks from the list below. If you have not written to me requesting your blocks please do so. But if you are busy that is also OK. You can write to me in December and I will still send you your June lesson blocks - LOL!

Choose from:
Herbal Form Drawing (NEW in July)
The Arabic Alphabet Using the Waldorf Method
Herbs for Kids - Part ONE
Herbs for Kids - Part TWO (NEW in June)
Woodworking for Kids
Woodcarving for Kids
Waldorf Watercolor Painting
Storytelling and Theater for Kids
Knitting and Weaving for Kids
Cooking with Kids
Natural Gifts Kids Can Make
The Four Elements - Earth, Wind, Water, Fire (NEW in June)
Exploring Aromatherapy (NEW in July)
Running a Business for Kids (NEW in July)
Exploring Mandalas (NEW)
Sixth Sense Math & Language Enrichment

You can sign up for June (or anything else) at:



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