Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sharing our Waldorf Enrichment Day in June

We have been having such fun! I've had Waldorf Enrichment classes every day this summer so far and I could go the rest of the summer if I was not travelling! Every morning we do a "field trip" or two, then we have lunch, and then we do some crafts and/or stories and/or art projects.

My favorite field trip this week was our walk. It was gorgeous spring weather - not too hot, not too cold and not raining. Perfect - right? Well, I forgot that it had POURED the night before about ten minutes into our walk we hit a lot of mud. But the kids didn't want to go back. It was too much fun! So we walked the 30 minute walk on the bike trail all the way to Julie's house (a local artist) to see her fairy house and then we walked back. Along the way we saw so many amazing things! A walk after a big rainstorm is a completely unique experience!

We saw semi-dried mud puddles filled with really long worms that had left "worm print" patterns all over the mud with their bodies. Now how often do you see a "worm print"???? Cool! Sofi was amazed at how big the worms were - much bigger than the ones in our worm bin at home!

We saw a bunch of newly "hatched" mushrooms and I explained to the kids that they always come out like that after a rainstorm because the fairies use them as umbrellas. They are 9, 10 and 11 so they tried to tell ME that it was because mushrooms grow best in extremely moist conditions...but I know better! LOL!

And everyone got really really muddy feet so we went in search of a big rain puddle we could wash off in. An hour and a half later we arrived back home - very tired but laughing and ready for an early lunch!

Wishing you all the best rainy days :)

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Carle said...

Ooooi that is a really big worm! We dont get them that big in South Africa