Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Time Travel

Today we visited the Living History Farms in Des Moines, Iowa here and had a wonderful time! There were only a few people there and the place is so large that we didn't run into many tourists. It made the experience even more amazing. We helped the print shop owner clean up his presses...

...the kids swept the floor in the broom making shop...
...and Sunii got to make a hook in the blacksmith's shop by fanning the coals, heating the metal, pounding the metal, cooling it in water and then drilling it...
We even visited a pharmacy from the 1800s. The kind pharmacist took down various jars from the shelf and had us smell them and guess what they were.
At the end of a couple hours we had only seen a few shops (out of perhaps 40 possible places to go) and decided to head home on the covered horse-drawn wagon. We are looking forward to visiting again. They have so many opportunities for participation that you can't possibly do everything in one day. Now I just have to figure out how to get the kids to work that hard at HOME!
Hope you are enjoying your summer days!
Blessings & Health,

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Juno said...

When we visited LHF last year we only got to a few places too. But we really enjoyed our stay. Our favorite Living History place to go is Ushers Ferry in Cedar Rapids. (of course it has been under several feet of water and needs to be cleaned up) It is very hands on. We vounteer there and have learned so much.