Monday, June 30, 2008

Berry Surprise

This morning we woke up at home after being away for three days and after not looking at the garden much for a month because it has been raining for a month - and we had a wonderful surprise! There was a bumper crop of blackberries and black raspberries in our backyard!!!

That is what I love about NOT grooming our garden too much. It is like an adventure back there. We take out the worst weeds and we mow the lawn, but other than that we leave it wild and we never know what will come up each year! We also have some wild garlic coming up near the house and of course - tons of wild mint! I am so excited!

And what a welcome for my daughter! She has been in the desert all year where nothing grows and the first thing she noticed upon coming back to America was that A: It is GREEN! And B: It SMELLS like America! (hmm...I didn't know we had a smell LOL!)

Now we are off to eat blackberries with yogurt for breakfast. Yum!

Blessings & Health,


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