Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Waldorf Purists Cover Your EYES!

Waldorf Purists Cover Your EYES!

Ok, if any Waldorf purist might have a few words to say about this but I decided that we needed a "quick" way to do some watercolor painting as well as the "meditative wonderful dreamy" way. So I took some of the elements of "set-up" and "processs" and improvised a bit. What I came up with is a Waldorf-INSPIRED way of doing water-color that is great when: A. You have kids over that don't do a lot of water color painting B. You don't have a large space to work in C. You don't have paintboards or a place to put your drying paintings C. You are feeling stressed and you want to paint but you want to make it a little here it goes:

1. Use smaller sheets of water-color paper - 8" x 10" and remember to round the edges!

2. Clip these sheets to a wooden clipboard (you can get these anywhere - office supply stores, etc...)

3. Put a big bowl of water in the middle of the table and put a large paintbrush in the bowl.

4. Instead of using a sponge to get the water on the paper or instead of pre-soaking the paper, have the child stroke the large brush across the paper until it is soaked. This also helps them practice their brush technique and is very relaxing!

5. Once the paper is soaked then take the "raw" watercolors and "dot" the color where you want to start painting. They can spread out the color from there. Remember, the paper has to be VERY WET for this to work!

Have fun! You can just dry the paintings on the clipboard - it works great!

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