Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Special Guest Singer/Reader on Waldorf Radio

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Imagine being transported into the world of fairies, and listening to a story that not only entertains your children, but also teaches them some of the important lessons of the world. The Fairy’s Flowers will do just that. Based on a blending of experiments in gentle story telling and song, The Fairy’s Flowers is a 40-minute journey, designed to teach your children lessons in the ten cardinal values: non-harming, benevolent truth, non-stealing, universal love, simple living, purity of mind and body, contentment, service, spiritual knowledge, and contemplation.

Narration and songs by Anjali

Story by Mukti Hava Bauman

Adapted by Didi Anandarama

Produced by Anjali for Ananda Marga Gurukula - a Neohumanist education paradigm:

This recording, which includes 12 additional songs, can be purchased by contacting Anjali at:

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