Sunday, January 27, 2008

Parent Child Natural Healing Classes Start NEXT WEEK :)

Dear Parents,

Parent-Child Natural Healing Classes ONLINE will be starting on February 1st!
(Scroll down to sign up as a pair, a family or co-op group)

I have been teaching a naturopathic healing class online for 8 years (and offline for more). My children are all old enough to start participating in learning these skills, but the classes I already offer are at a higher level (14-16 years old and up to 150 years) So I will be starting a new series of classes over the next few weeks called "Parent-Child Natural Healing Classes". During these classes we will be learning:


These classes will be taught at a child's level and will all include video support. I will be uploading one class every month for the next 5 months. Mothers who have taken these classes "in person" with me before have been thrilled because the classes were so easy for THEM to understand too. Even herbalists and healers were excited to discover new ways of looking at herbs and healing and the kind of reflexology I teach is not American reflexology so it is new too!

How the classes will run:

1. Each month you will receive your video - downloadable online - and class materials and E-books, lesson plans and stories (all online). You will be able to access these materials at any time so even if you don't choose to participate WITH the class you can use these materials even 5 years from now!

2. The entire month we are running the class I will be visiting the online forum (open for the class forever) and I will be present there every Friday at a certain time to participate. You are welcome to join the class in "real time" or you can access the forum and do the class on your own time. I expect there will be enough people doing the class at different times that there will ALWAYS be someone on the forum so these classes are NOT restrained by time but I am adding an element of time to them so that people who want a more LIVE experience can have that.

3. You will be able to either participate in LIVE time or on your own time.

4. The classes do not involve testing, although you are welcome to contact me any time with questions

5. Two certificates of participation will be issued when you finish the series for participants in the class, however, as many children or family members as you like can participate in the classes. However, please do not distribute the class outside of your group as the materials are copyrighted.

6. You must sign up for all of the classes. You can pay all at once or you can pay in installments:

One time price is:
$150.00 payable at:
(Ideas: sign up as a co-op group to save money and split the fee between more than one person)

The installment price is (a little more because of the maintenance from my end)
$50.00 for the first installment and then $30.00 a month after the first installment for the next 4 months.

7. If you want classes with testing and certification for older child or adults visit:

If you have any questions please contact me at :

Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND

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