Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Member BLOG!

Year and lifetime members of the Waldorf Enrichment School/EarthSchooling Online now have their own private BLOG! I will be posting lessons and inspirations to that BLOG for all members of the year and the lifetime program. If you are a year or lifetime member you can login to your online member page and find a link to the new BLOG there. All members of also have access to this new BLOG.

You are always welcome to enjoy the free Blogger BLOG, and - all free from

To gain access to more features and become a member of you have 4 options:

1. "Try Us Out" - you can purchase 1 month of Waldorf Enrichment and receive an E-book for that month, life-long updates, student conversation all year, verses with audio AND 2 video tutorials (each month). There are many more features all described at:

2. "Monthly Member" - if you decide to continue purchasing months you can make payments on a monthly basis and gain access to each month as you pay. You only pay for each month ONCE and then you remain a member for life.

3. "Year Member" - you can purchase an entire year of Waldorf Enrichment and you remain a member FOR LIFE so you always get updates every year. You also receive all 24 video tutorials for the year, and an E-book for each month of the year. In addition you receive the E-books "Sixth Sense Math" and "A Year of Waldorf Watercolor". You have access to your own password protected page where you can download all your materials from one place. You only pay for the year once - you are then a member for life. Now, you also gain access to the NEW member's BLOG.

4. "Lifetime Member" - Lifetime members have the same benefits of year members but they ALSO receive EVERY Waldorf E-book and video I have ever published and ever will publish. This includes all videos from lectures I do around the United States. Now, lifetime members also gain access to the member's BLOG.


ANY member OR non-member who needs ongoing consulting with homeschooling or health issues can join the Health and Homeschool Forum at . You can read more about this at:

There is a very organized search feature to this group so you can easily look up previous questions and answers. All "chat" is deleted from the list weekly so the only files remaining in the archives are the answered questions, which can then be easily searched.


Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND said...

Thank you for visiting the blog. You can buy a unicorn at ;) Blessings & Health, Kristie