Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Don't put those Waldorf toys in storage yet!

I took this photo of my son and a friend playing in the gazebo with the wooden kitchen set. They had fun for about a half hour with this game - trying to see how many fruits and veggies they could balance on the scale. My son is 11 and will be 12 in January. This picture makes me so happy because I paid so much for these toys so to still be getting use out of them in their 11th year just THRILLS ME! And Sofi and her friends (9 and 10) have really been using the gazebo and kitchen set - every day they are out there creating dishes and playing some imaginary game. So if you were wondering if it is worth it to invest in these toys? Yes.

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Julie said...

That's so great to see. I've never put away any of our "waldorf" style toys because they are so pretty to look at. Of course the plastic stuff I just give away immediately as soon as the kids are done playing with them, but the wooden stuff I plan to keep for my own grandkids:) The kids always use them in one way or another (even though mine are still young at 6 & 2). Even the older (8+) neighbor kids that come over love the wooden kitchen stuff!