Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Acorns Take a Trip

We had a lot of fun packing up the acorns this morning. It was like wrapping peasants for a holiday! Sunii helped me stuff the envelopes and then we decided to bike down to the USPS to mail them. On the way we saw a HAWK! It was so cool. Sunii got of his bike and walked so close to it he could touch it. I had to yell, 'Protect your eyes!" But the bird never got upset. It just stared at Sunii for at least 5 minutes and finally flew away. It was a very very large Hawk and he got within one foot of it! WOW. On the way back home we had Pumpkin smoothies with soy milk at the local juice shop. YUM!!!!

Everyone's acorns are now happily on their way to you. I will make another shipment next Wednesday if there are any stragglers :)

Blessings & Health,


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