Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Zarelda Visited Again...

Well, Zarelda visited the fairy house again. You may remember from her last visit that she added a small water-color painting to the home. If you want to read more about her last visit you can link here: Sofi's Fairy House

This time she shopped at Izile's Oddities and left a lovely pendant like the one in the picture above :)

I wonder where she will go shopping next? Zarelda only shops on ETSY and loves to buy crafts that are made from nature. She likes to support other crafters because she loves people that make things with their hands and honor nature in their crafts :).
OK...so I just made this up now...but she has already made two trips to ETSY for things we don't really need but they are just so cute! So it SOUNDs like a good tradition :) How else am I going to find an excuse for the tiny little things I love to buy on ETSY? It is all part of my "support home businesses" campaign but then...uh...why do I need these cute things?
So....I am thinking it is not ME! It is Zarelda that needs them to put in the fairy house and Sofi LOVES the little gifts that she leaves...so let's see what she will buy next?
Blessings & Health,

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Lisa Anne said...

I love how innovative you are with all your businesses to create a livelihood for your family; to be able to create a loving space for them and love what you are doing. As my child grows older I am finding less support for Waldorf at Home, there are so many great things for families 5th grade and under. Maybe folks just give up on it after a while? What are your experiences with this or other resources?