Saturday, March 15, 2008

Zarelda brings a nest and gets a handmade swing from Sofi!

Sofi was busy this week remodelling Zarelda's fairy house and helping her friend Morgan build one as well.

What a busy week for Zarelda! She went shopping at: Fairie Bling and purchased the most gorgeous nest with eggs and bird (see picture at her shop here)

Sofi was so thrilled with the nest she left a note for Zarelda asking her to please give a gift to her friend Morgan (who has been building a fairy house at our house with Sofi this week and left it here until she moves into her new house).

Luckily Tizi, at Fairie Bling had enclosed an extra gift in the package she sent so the wish was quickly fulfilled! Thank you to Tizi for making two girls happy!

Sofi was so happy she made Zarelda a little swing from the flower cuttings we had on the kitchen counter. Sofi had purchased some flowers at the grocery store earlier in the day, cut them and put them in a vase and then wondered...what can I do with the stems?