Saturday, March 22, 2008

Waldorf April E-book Now Available - 200 Pages of Lesson Plans

In my ongoing project to turn my lesson plans into E-books the April E-book is now ready for download. Remeber, all lesson plans for the year ARE AVAILABLE NOW. However, the E-books are being created FROM these plans this year. As I create the e-books I am also adding new features. The April E-book includes more than 15 additional stories over last year's lesson plans and many many more features (see below):

This 200-page E-book contains Waldorf lesson plans for ages 3-11 Preschool through 4th grade and includes membership in the Waldorf School Online and free consulting. The book is indexed and has sections for each age group for verses, crafts, stories & lessons.

Other Features Include:
MP3s of all verses
6 Video Tutorials
3 Original Watercolor Stories by Kristie Karima Burns
Sixth Sense Math Lessons & Sixth Sense Writing & Reading Lessons
3 Vintage Books Online from my own personal library (NEW FEATURE just started today! I thought I would make wider use of some of my vintage books).

To Download the April lesson plans you can visit:

Other Membership Options
3 months for $36.00
6 months for $60.00
12 months for $100.00
Lifetime Membership with all Videos, E-books and Lesson Plans that have been published NOW and in the FUTURE - $182.00

One Member commented that the lifetime membership is "Like attending an ongoing Waldorf Conference"

Other membership options can be purchased at:

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