Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Memory Album & Nature Table in Our Fairy House!

Yesterday I was walking by Sofi's fairy house as I do every day (since I let her keep it in the livingroom) and noticed that she has added quite a bit to it over the past few months. Our nature table has not been touched for a while (except by me) .... but meanwhile this fairy-house has become a treasure of nature items, gifts and memories from the past year. I have taken a few pictures above. The items in her house include things like: some fabric her sister cut up for her, a peacock feather from a farm we stayed at 2 years ago, an angel she was sent from a friend in Michigan, a couple wooden gnomes that a 12-year-old made and I purchased from a Waldorf list, a small watercolor/acrylic painting of a leaf that I got from ETSY (I love supporting ETSY artists. I got this one from: and gave to her fairy "Zarelda" as a gift. There are also a stone she got when we went to Cyprus years ago, a shell from our shell collection, a little felt gnome that was the first one we ever made together, the doll furniture from the old doll house she played with when she was is just full of so many memories and treasures. And then there is me worrying about being behind on memory albums and the nature table...when it was all right in front of me all the time :)

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Snitterdog said...

I'm so glad Oak Leaf in Green found a happy home! :) Wonderful blog Kristie! :)