Thursday, March 20, 2008

Had to Share a Lovely Moment!

"Let Me Tell You What This Key is For..."
I was just sitting here finishing up a few unicorns and my son walked in with his friend. He had scootered to his friends house and then they both scootered back here and are planning on carving more sticks and doing more scootering (can you tell it just got warm?) and lots of "boy things" They are just two adorable flopsy haired boy boys - reminds me of a Tom Sawyer book. they walk in and this is the conversation:

Sunii: "Hey mom - how are the unicorns coming?"

Me: "Oh fine...almost done!"

Friend: "You can do knitting that fast?" (he is actually impressed?!)

Sunii: "Yah, my mom is really good at knitting" (said as if it was a really cool thing and he is really proud of me)

Now...that is a conversation I didn't imagine :) To be a "cool mom" because I knit unicorns? Awesome! OK...just had to back to knitting...they have to make it there by Easter!

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