Monday, April 7, 2008

Zarelda's Birthday Celebration

Were you all wondering what has been happening with Zarelda? Well, Sofi did too. But she was just SURE Zarelda would come if she made sure that her home looked festive for her birthday! Zarelda's birthday (apparently) was April 4th. So Sofi decorated with streamers and we went down to the Fair World Gallery (also online) to purchase a gift. Sofi decided that Zarelda would love some worry dolls, because they were just the right size for a fairy!
I decided that Zarelda might like something from ETSY since she shops there so much already so I purchased an art print for her that was JUST THE RIGHT SIZE for her walls! I have no idea why they advertise these tiny art prints as collector's prints - don't they know that fairies and dolls everywhere are always in search of that perfect size print for their house? I chose a fairy print from Mistyisle called "Fairies in the Moonlight".

Sofi also left Zarelda a tea set.

The next morning we found wrapping paper all over and the words TEA? written on the little chalkboard in Zarelda's house! Apparently she loved the tea set but we had forgotten to leave her some tea!

However, she did enjoy the gifts. The dolls were placed all over the house - and one was even on the swing! Zarelda was so happy she left Sofi a picture of what her birthday party had been like!

Doris, at DELDREAMART (ETSY) was comissioned to paint this lovely piece of work. Zarelda really wanted to get Sofi the DRAGON PURSE or the painting of the DRAGONS FIGHTING OVER THE MUSHROOM but they were too heavy for her to carry :)

Enjoy our bithday party album!

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