Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Mandil Method of Recycling

Ok, my name is actually BURNS, but Mandil (my kids' last name) just sounds better in front of method so I've named this after them :)

As I was feeding the rabbit some carrot scraps this morning I realized we have some interesting methods of compost/recycyling around here!

*I peel the kids a carrot every morning for a snack and feed the scraps to the bunny.

*All the eggshells go into the worm compost bin along with old flower stems and other scraps

*The cats are happy to eat any leftover NOODLES and yesterday one of them was caught licking some Parmesan cheese Sofi had spilled on the tablecloth (THAT goes into the wash on HOT cycle!)...does that count as compost/recycling?

* The birds and squirrels outside our front window happily eat any leftover bread, bagles and/or cereals

* The squirrels come and eat the leftover bunnyfood because bunny sorts through her bunny mix and only eats the things she likes.

* The neighborhood stray cat eats leftover meat scraps (but my cats don't like them).

Gosh...all we need now is a goat!

My disposal is feeling a bit lonely lately :)

Blessings & Health,

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