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Question: What Age is the Herb Book For?

Re: Question: Kristie I just checked your book out on the link - WOW! Everyone go have a look! It is lovely! Does the printed version include more stories? What age children is it aimed at? I guess it's designed to be read to and to be read by themselves? -Cathy

Thanks Cathy!

I am so happy with the book and the class that did the watercolor paintings did such a good job! The book is aimed for children ages 3-7 to be read to or 7-9 to read TO them or from ages 9-11 as a MAIN LESSON guide. Each book has one herb story in it and is designed for the following:

1. As a story book/picture book to inspire: Our kids are used to seeing these wonderful illustrated books but this book is also gorgeous but illustrated by children slightly older than them (and their teacher) so in this way, children are SEEING on a daily basis Waldorf Watercolor painting, which prepares them visually for what they will be doing when they are older. Imagine the difference in a child who is introduced to Waldorf watercolor painting WITHOUT ever having seen any examples they can grasp (this book has examples that range from simple to professional) and the child that sees books from a young age filled with Waldorf watercolor paintings!

2. As a teacher guide: As a teacher you can use the book as a guide to do this as a main lesson with your own child. Two free E-books are available with the book if you need help with Waldorf watercolor painting. Using the story and the watercolors in the book you can guide your own child through the lesson.

3. As a gentle introduction into the world of herbs. Through the story you learn about the uses of one herb, you can use the recipe at the back of the book and explore the herb in more detail, using the book as a starting point. Even as an adult learning about herbs it is recommended that you learn about only ONE HERB at a time, at a rate of about ONE HERB a month. That is another reason I put only one herb per book.

The reason I decided to publish this as a book, rather than an e-book, is because of the paintings and its usefulness as a "first Waldorf book" for children. There are very few Waldorf storybooks available for children. There are a lot of Waldorf-like or Waldorf-y storybooks, but this one actually uses art that the children will be creating later in their education.

4. To be held, treasured, and be experienced over and over. I am excited for my own children to have this on the counter and be able to read the story and browse the pictures every day. I imagine it will have a wonderful subtle effect on them over time! Sofi has already been inspired by the pictures and is looking at them every day and wanting to make them!

Hope this helps!
The Book is in my ETSY shop now :) or you can pay directly via Paypal or Amazon payment link (ask me for the link).

By the way, I can sign the book before I send it out if you want me to and I can include an inscription as well. I won't do this if you don't ask, however, as you may want to include your own inscription OR leave it blank.

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