Thursday, August 7, 2008

Welcome to Oscar!

I want to put a little plug in here for the animal rescue leagues of the world (or whatever they are called in your area). Ours offers pets for $105.00, which seems like a lot, but they come with all their shots, a tracking device, a collar, tags and initial vet visit for free - about 300-400.00 worth of "stuff".

We went to visit them today to take one last look for our lost cat, Abby, who has been missing since May. She was not there but the cages were FILLED with kittens and adorable pets and puppies of all types and sizes. It just broke my heart. I wanted to take them all home.

I had promised Sunii that if Abby did not come home by now we could get him a new cat so we spent another hour there "testing" different cats and kittens to find the perfect fit. We came home with "Oscar" who is the sweetest most cuddly cat I have ever met in my entire life. I am SO HAPPY we went today and got him because he is just a little angel! It just makes me want to cry thinking of how if we didn't get him he may have been a "goner" in a few more days. He is not a kitten so it is always harder to adopt the older ones but Sunii wanted a cat that was "like Abby" one that was calm and would sleep with him and cuddle so he loved this cat when he met it. is a picture of Oscar and an encouragement to everyone - please do what you can to track your pets (we made the mistake of thinking Abby was safe because she never went outdoors so she didn't wear a collar), have them neutered (we saw SO MANY KITTENS there today!!!), pick up any strays you may see (because someone like Sunii may love them) and go and adopt and angel from the animal rescue league. We are all so wealthy in so many ways and this is a wonderful way to give back to the earth and spread the love and wealth of our lives.

And on the homeschooling side - our pets have taught us SO MUCH about life, science, mammals, reptiles, spiders, animals in general, responsibility,! I can see why animal care is such a big part of 4-H. It is something that every child should be part of. There is even a school I heard about recently (a private one...but anyway) where all the kids are given a horse as part of their curriculum and they get a grade for how well they take care of it,! Wish I could have gone to HS there! Anyway..if you have pets you already know this but if you don't...consider getting one...even if you just adopt a fish or a bird :)

Blessings & Health,


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