Sunday, August 31, 2008

Educational Posters for Ramadan/G3 & G4 Waldorf Units

There are a number of professional photo posters available at:

Educational Posters

These are more "Montessori" in style than Waldorf - in the Montessori classrooms posters that show children about life around the world are standard display - however, although it is not standard in the Waldorf classroom, there is no rule against displaying gorgeous educational photos :). The photo of the Ramadan Lanterns is quite popular this time of year for children exploring non-Western cultural traditions. You will also find a number of Egyptian and Persian photos at the link above which are suitable display for any unit you may be doing with those cultures.

NOT ALL OF THE AVAILABLE PHOTOS AND SIZES ARE LISTED. If you would like smaller sizes or you would like to see all the available photos please link to:

ImageNations Catalog

If you make a custom selection of prints and posters we can agree on a price and I can invoice you. Shipping is less expensive if you order more than one print and prints are available in all sizes. Posters are 11 x 14" or 20 x 24" - I also have postage stamps using any of the prints available :)

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