Saturday, August 30, 2008

Herbal Identification VIDEO

The new member video this week is called, "Herbal Identification" and is packed with information on how you can safely and correctly identify herbs in your own backyard, neighborhood, local park or nature center. Learning this simple technique can save you money and be a lot of fun too. This method of harvesting is also called "wildcrafting" and is perfect for the months of September and October. This video tutorial will form the base of all things herbal you do with your children in class this year, as it will give you the ability to find herbs on your nature walks and in your back-yard that you will use in a variety of lessons all year (cooking, crafts, healing and gifts).
This can also be used in conjunction with general plant identification during nature walks, a biology unit or any unit on plants.

All members of the September and August lesson plans ( )& members of the Parent-Child Healing Class will receive this video for free. Any non-members who would like to purchase this video can link to:

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