Thursday, February 28, 2008

Summer Waldorf/Healing Seminars

It's time for our summer seminars again :) Every summer I travel with the kids around the United States and speak at various seminars and hold smaller gatherings as well. This year 14-year-old Mosi is very excited to be old enough to hold "mini-seminars" for your little ones at the same time! She was my "assistant" at the Waldorf School we had from age 5-9 and loves leading little classes for children. I am sure she will have some lovely things planned. I will provide more details on that later.

For now I am just starting on the organization of the seminars. This is our "tried and true" formula that we have used for the past six years and it seems to work well for everyone. Organizing these seminars always requires that I balance service to my own family with my service to the community so thank you for understanding that we have a 2-4 hour limit on the seminars:

1. Seminars can be on any topic you choose from the list below and you can also combine topics.

2. Seminars can be held for groups as small as 8 people and can be held in your home OR they can be larger seminars held in a conference hall, library conference room, etc...I LOVE coming to your home. It is fun to speak with a small group of people and get to know each other better.

3. The charge is only $25.00 per person and the seminars are very manageable - 2 hours each. You can schedule 2 seminars (total 3.5 hours with half hour break) for a morning or afternoon for only $35.00 a person. You can schedule an evening seminar so more people are able to attend!

4. All seminar organizers attend free.

5. Mosi's "Kid Seminars" are limited to 6 children and she will be charging only $5.00 per child per 2-hour session. They will be held at the same time as the adult seminars. If you have an older child that would like to assist her and provide extended numbers of childcare I am open to that idea.

For more questions please contact: Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND at:

We will already be in: Austin, TX and Boulder, CO to visit my mother and friends so those are our first choice of locations.

If you would like to attend a Waldorf Seminar in Iowa I will be speaking on three different topics at the Eastern Iowa Homeschooling Conference. More information is available at:

If you have a summer conference you are hosting I have some slots available for speaking engagements. Please contact me for more information on this topic. I have been a seminar speaker since 1989 and can provide you with a list of references if needed or samples of my work.

If you would like to run a cooperative seminar with me on healing or Waldorf topics, please contact me. I am open to the idea and would love to work with someone else to be able to cover topics that are not on this list. I have been keeping things simple for the sake of the kids for the past few years but I am open to trying new ideas :) and seeing if it works. Hey - after all I DID get a BLOG finally this year! I'm feeling brave now.

Available Topics
Herbs for Kids - Seminar or Workshop
Woodworking for Kids - Seminar or Workshop
Knitting and Weaving for Kids - Seminar or Workshop
Herbal Healing for your Family
Starting a Waldorf Enrichment Program
Storytelling - Seminar or Workshop
Exploring the Temperaments (comes with a free evaluation of all attendees)
Lesson Planning & Organization for Homeschoolers
Temperaments & Healing
Reflexology for the Family - includes a kids class by Mosi in Su-Jok for the kids!
Iridology - Basics - $15.00 extra fee for chart, penlight, tools optional
Introduction to Waldorf Education
Waldorf, The Internet & TV
Other topics available upon request

Blessings & Health,

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