Sunday, February 10, 2008

Easy Healthy Snacktime

My favorite time saving idea is "snack trays". I purchase some plastic (they don't come in any other they?) snack trays (usually made for party dips) with lids and I fill them with various healthy snacks and keep them in the fridge and on top of the fridge (the nuts and things). Right now I have about four of these trays FILLED with fruits, veggies, nuts, dried fruits, etc...some have some cheese in them. I took a picture of two of them. I get these trays out every morning for breakfast and every afternoon for snack time. It helps the kids and I get a lot of healthy food into us without too much effort! And since the snack trays are easy to prepare and always ready I don't have any excuse for not eating healthy!

Blessings & Health,

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