Friday, August 13, 2010

The Beauty of Creating in Waldorf Education

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sarah in the woods said...

There's some great ideas here. We like to "play at our history" - dressing up, making special meals, acting out, and crafting. FUN seems to make a subject more memorable. Games that reinforce a concept are also a favorite of mine, since the kids pull out the games all through the year and not just when the specific topic is being taught. Drawing is especially helpful for my oldest daughter. Experiencing science is good for understanding - in nature, in the kitchen, or wherever, hands-on is the best. We also love the opportunities to go places like museums and history reenactments, then talking about what we experienced.

Tan Family said...

Beautiful post, Kristie! My older children always came up with the best ideas. Sometimes, I would give them choices of how they could show mastery (MLB drawing/writing, speech, project, etc.), or they could come up with something on their own. Turning learning into a family play where everyone writes, acts, makes costumes and props works well, too!