Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Early Childhood Training Seminars FINALLY Online

Dear Members,

After the past few tele-seminars that Donna has hosted we've all been bugging her about when the next series will be. I was excited to find out this morning that she has planned a new series. I've been hearing bits and pieces about it but didn't realize the scope of it until she finally unveiled the final project. All I can say is "WOW". I thought she was going to hold a few seminars that would inspire us like last time but this time she's taken on an entire "virtual conference/class". This is the first time I've seen anything near to an "Early Childhood Training" class online.

She's calling the program "Essential Elements of Early Childhood" and speakers in the series include Rahima Baldwin, Lisa Boisvert MacKenzie, Danielle Epifani and Christine Natale.

I wish this class/conference/seminar series would have been available when my kids were little. I would have jumped at the chance to study online instead of all those hours I spent driving. You can even try the first class/session for free at:

The first call included:

1. What is play? - with Lisa Boisvert MacKenzie
2. The 4 Senses in Early Childhood Development - with Danielle Epifani
3. The Importance of a Mother's Voice - with Christine Natale

And that is just one call. I am eager to see what else she has in store for us if that is just the sample.

To attend the class is free but you do need to sign up. I suspect the system has a limited number of participants (I know these online seminars can only hold so many people eventually) so be sure to sign up early.

You can link directly to the sign up page at:

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