Thursday, May 28, 2009

Building Shelters in Surprising Places

Building shelters is a task that children work on in grade three of the Waldorf curriculum. However, it is something that they want to do for many years after that. Ever since we started building shelters both my children seem to find some reason to build yet one more shelter and sometimes in the most unusual places. This little shelter was built by Sofi in the front of our yard within an old pine tree. I have been wanting to trim this tree for months - I think it needs to be shorter and much less bushy - so when Sofi asked, "can I cut the tree mama?" I said, "sure!"
I love what she did with it. I'm sharing some pictures. It took her two hours to trim the tree to her standard, carve out the inside shelter, and rake and prepare the ground to be a proper "floor". Then she decorated the inside and outside and added some props.


boatbaby said...

So sweet! My son built a little clubhouse at the marina where we live...

Not as "natural" but still using what was around him.

Thank you for sharing!

Jen said...

Sofi did an amazing job! I bet you will soon find fairies and woodland creatures inhabiting that when she is sleeping at night :)

And what a cutie your pup is, too! A weed eating canine - love it!

Tan Family said...

Yay, Sofi! What a great shelter. Very magical.

Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND said...

Sofi really appreciated your comments. She is so proud of her shelter! She even made some upgrades this week. I'll post those when I get a moment. Or, no, let's rephrase that - I'll post those when I can steal a moment from somewhere :)

Love, Kristie