Friday, October 3, 2008

The Dangers of Building with Muffins

Early in the morning the dim light reveals last night's project. I got our old blocks out of storage so the girls (9 and 10) could make a rat-maze for our rat. Instead they decided to build castles and they added a couple muffins for "royal cakes". I am so excited they still like the blocks! I guess I will take them out of storage! My grandfather made haf of dad gave them to me.

The sun rises to reveal more of the castle...

Someone smells the muffins and starts her rampage of distruction :)...

Who - ME? Really I didn't knock over the castles! I'm a sweet innocent bunny!

(Grrr...WHERE are those muffins????)

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Mama Randa Morning Glory said...

Hahah. On Easter morning last year we woke up to find piles of eggshells instead of whole eggs. Our dog ate about 14 eggs and apparently alot of shells too since the ones we found weren't enough to account for all the eggs.