Monday, July 14, 2008

The Pony Express

We made an interesting stop today on our way to Boulder, CO. We stopped at an old pony express station in Nebraska. It was just a little shack but they had an old saddle, a map and some more relics from the ole pony express days. And I leared something new! I didn't realize that the pony express only lasted for 19 months and 7 days. Aparently, there were three men that started this mail service and created stations over hundreds of miles long. Men would ride the horses a certain amount of time and then pick up a new horse to ride some more. They advertised that they were "searching for brave men to take a job with risk involved: orphans prefered". However, sadly for me (who thinks mail by pony would be "cool") and, luckily for the "orphans and brave men", the telegraph put them out of business and then the trains came soon after that to deliver the mail. History is so interesting!

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