Saturday, July 5, 2008

Nature Walk Adventures

Our newest series on The Waldorf Channel is a series of nature walk adventures and you are welcome to share your own! Have you seen a deer, fox or other animal while walking? Did you make something beautiful in the woods? Videos in this series will be focused on the unusual, inspirational and/or educational. I will not be including videos of people walking in the woods and doing nothing. Although these kinds of videos may be beautiful I am aiming to create a series that is more educational and unusual. If you have anything to contribute please contact Kristie at:

I do have many clips to share, but I decided to start small. This one is a very short clip of a chipmunk chirping. Did you know that chipmunks chirp? I never knew...I always thought it was the birds...until one day the sound was driving me crazy so I went outside to see what the ruckus was and I found something like this little guy...tune in and see. Your kids will be watching those chipmonks very closely after seeing THIS 30-second clip!

Chipmunk Chirp at The Waldorf Channel

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