Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Summer School Lesson Plans

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Angela said...

I am a veteran homeschooler, but only recently stumbled upon Waldorf methods as a lovely addition to our notebooking and nature study. However, my 7th grader is years off Waldorf track in art training. Can you recommend a catch up progression for us this summer?

Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND said...

"Catching" up with Waldorf Education can be a very healing process as many adults have found out (who learn along with their children). No matter how old you are, when you start learning some of the skills you are missing from your earlier education, your entire being comes alive. I work with a lot of children who are in the public school system and do Waldorf as an enrichment program. Feedback has been amazing so I know it "can be done". With the older kids I usually start them with knitting. I take them through the entire lesson plans from KG on (some progress quickly and some at a slower pace). Either after or during the knitting lessons we also do painting. We then progress to working with felt. I would introduce beeswax sculpting as a free-time option.