Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Organization for the Temperaments

I am more than thrilled to announce that the Organization and the Temperaments Video/Ebook SET are now ready.

Thrilled? Yes! Because it took me a long time to complete this project (and we all know how good it feels to get a project done) AND because this is a completely original way of looking at the world of organization that I think will really help a lot of people who are not comfortable with their organizational skills at this point or who feel they could be "more organized" or who have spouses or kids who are "not organized". You may be surprised at some of the things you hear in this lecture. However, the best part is that the E-book comes with FOUR SETS of charts - one set for each temperament. So if you are sanguine you can print out the organizational charts for the sanguine. If you have a melancholic child you can print out different charts for them! Information IS included on how to tell which type you are. I can also help with this if you need me to.

You can purchase this set (the video and the E-book were just uploaded now so you can instantly download them) at:

Organization for the Temperaments

Enjoy! I look forward to hearing more feedback on this lecture/Ebook. Feedback from the conference (where the original lecture took place) has been more than positive.

Blessings & Health,

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