Sunday, October 7, 2007

STORIES: Apple Star - NEW Story!

For those of you who loved the story about the apple star from this month's lessons here is another story that I found recently on a list I am part of. Enjoy! Now you have TWO lovely Apple Star stories to tell. The kids LOVE these stories.

Apple Story

How the apple got a star (author, uncertain)

Once long ago, long long ago, the very first apple
tree started to grow in the earth. The roots went
down into the earth, and the sprout started to grow up
into the air. All day long the little sprout
stretched in the warm sun. Then night came and it
started to get dark, and the little apple sprout
looked up into the sky and saw all the little stars
twinkling in the sky. The little apple tree thought
they were so very pretty, and the little sprout really
wanted to touch one. So the little sprout stretched
and grew and reached and stretched more, but try as it
might, the little sprout could not reach the stars.
And then the little sprout started to cry. Suddenly
out of the sky a little fairy flew down, a beautiful
little fairy with a crown of stars as beautiful as the
stars up in the heavens. The little apple fairy
landed on the apple sprout and asked what was wrong,
why the sprout was crying. The sprout answered "oh
beautiful fairy, I so want to touch the stars up in
the sky, they are so beautiful and twinkle so
brightly, but no matter how hard I reach and stretch,
I can't grow tall enough to touch them". The fairy
said "I am sorry little apple tree, I will go up and
get a star, and bring it down to you, so that you may
touch a star!" And with that the fairy flew away.
Well time passed, with long days in the sun and cool
nights with the stars. One day the apple tree woke up
and was covered with beautiful pink flowers! The
apple tree was so happy and proud of the flowers!
Then it became summer and the flowers slowly turned
into tiny apples. Then it was fall and the apples
were all beautiful and golden red! The tree was so
very proud of all her apple babies, and the tree was
very very happy. Suddenly the fairy came back to the
tree and said "tree! I have brought you a basket of
stars to keep!" The tree said to the fairy "Oh thank
you fairy! But I am so proud of my beautiful apple
babies that I no longer need a star!" so the fairy
said "I have an idea! I will give each of your apple
babies a star then! I will hide it deep inside each
apple, so that the earthly children can see them, and
then each time an earth child eats an apple they can
see a star as beautiful as the stars in heaven and
remember their time there!" The apple tree thought
that would be a great idea, so the fairy flew to each
apple and touched it lightly with her wand and hid a
beautiful star in each apple! And in the star's are
apple pips, and in each pip is a dream, that one day
that apple pip will grow into an apple tree someday


Gloria said...

I love this story, and hope to tell it to a Sunday School class, about the little miracles. The fairy will be an angel, and the story of the star in an apple will be a message that everywhere you look, there is a miracle, as small as a that star in an apple. The miracle of the seeds,as well. They can plant the seeds and see if they grow into another little apple tree. It will be another miracle.

Anonymous said...

This is such a cute story :)

F, Saunders said...

I remember this story from kindergarden!

I seem to remember the apple tree comparing itself to other trees that had special qualities, like making nuts, fruit, having a nice smell or being tallest, and the reason the apple tree wanted a star was to feel special too, but then the stars were so beautiful that they had to be hidden in the apples so the other trees wouldn't get jealous.

Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND said...

@F Saunders - I love that variation of the story! Thank you for sharing that.

Anonymous said...


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Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND said...

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Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND said...

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