Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tips on Printing E-books

Thank you Earthschooling member Jen for these tips and for sharing your pictures. Jen writes:

Hi Kristie - I took some photos of your ebooks I had spiral bound at Staples. I didn't cross check prices with other places (like kinkos, etc) as we only have one car currently and I can walk to the Staples from my house ;)
Anyway, I think she told me that if we bring them in printed, it is between $1 and $3 for the binding, depending on how many pages to be bound (it goes by how many pages per document you have). Seems like they can do up to around 200 pages, but don't have bigger set ups than that (Kinko's should) and the protective cover is an additional dollar for a see through front and nice thick backing. It's worth it, though...The spine is also available in blue. I thought black would be nice and basic.
If they print them out at Staples, it is about 10 cents per sheet printed in b/w and $1 per sheet in color. Not sure if this is across the board at all Staples and it was just a general quote from a young girl behind the counter. Also, I wonder if it's per page of color - meaning that if there are 5 colored pages in a 50 page document, do they just charge an additional $5 versus charging even for the b/w pages. Hmmmm...didn't think to ask that question...
I am very happy with them and guess I did several. With the spiral option, I can have the book all the way open, which is nice.
I also bought for 49 cents each, these plastic 3 punch folders and I definitely don't like them nearly as much as the spiral bound. They don't stay open easily and flop shut.
I am one of those people who has to have things printed out since I type fast and well, but I can't stand reading books on computer screen - makes my eyes go batty - LOL! SO I'm attaching some shots so you can see just how nice they turned out. You should be SO proud of yourself, especially when you see what you created :) I love that I can turn to these documents again and again through the years and they will be protected by these nice covers...


Jen said...

Love it! :) Hee hee...(shy giggle)

Tan Family said...

Great idea! It's always helpful to see how others organize their curriculum and resources.