Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Cleaning in the Craft/Homeschooling Room

I am SOOOO excited about our new craft and homeschooling space! It has been clean all year - keeping my office, kitchen and homeschooling room clean are top priorities around here (although the rest of the house may not look so good sometimes and don't even look in the garage). However, I don't think we realize how "bogged down" a place can get - even if it is clean and organized. Even the most organized spaces need a spring cleaning.

It was not intentional. I started because I had purchased some new crafting supplies - terra cotta clay, some more beeswax, etc...and I didn't have anywhere to fit them. One thing led to another and two days later we had completely re-arranged the rooms, we steam cleaned the carpets (I can't even believe it went THAT far LOL) for the first time in two years, we organized everything again, cleaned everything, sorted, etc....

The results are amazing! The kids have already spent much more time in the room than they usually do and their self-initiated activities have increased significantly (now that they can find everything and know where it is again). Even I am more inspired in my lesson planning. I think we have gotten more done this week than we did in the past month. WOW!

So I took some pictures to share with you all. I am just so excited. I have to share!

I posted a slide show at the NING. I didn't want to have to edit the pictures down but there are too many for the BLOG.

Also, if you are interested, I have a few videos and downloads about organization at - if you can't find them and are interested I can send you a direct link. They are really helpful videos! Especially the E-book/Video combo of "Organizing for the Temperaments"

Enjoy the photos at:

PS: Someone mentioned the white walls - sigh! Don't remind me - LOL :) I have moved so many times in the past twenty years & each time I repaint the walls and create a wonderful garden and then we move. I'm sorta on a "break" waiting to see if this house "sticks" - but this does remind me of two tricks I want to share if you have white walls - drape scarves on your walls. We have one that looks like the sunset in the livingroom (see pictures) and another that looks like a rainbow in the art room (no picture, sorry). We also have one small wall that I made (just last week) into a blackboard and I will be posting some fun we are having with that. Another wall is dedicated to the children's art so that brightens up things a bit too. These things really help if you are "stuck" with white walls!

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Tan Family said...

We should all do some spring cleaning in our homelearning spaces! Thank you for the inspiration. This is the perfect time of year to get organized and refreshed!

Leilani said...

Feel good doesn't it? I find that once you get organizing it's hard to stop. My creative space is a mess's temporarily moved to our kitchen table while Sophie is so small but eventually I have to go downstairs & tackle the space. *Shudder*. Thank you for the inspiration, & reminding me that it really is worth it!