Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Story from the UK

A friend in the UK shared this story. I liked it so much I asked permission to post it here. I think we can all relate to this! Here it is:

AT times its a real battle here to avoid the world of TV and Computer. (Note: We are a multi generational family...My father lives with us and although he has his own annex, he watches the TV almost constantly, trawling the news channels and popping in to impart all that he has seen, and hubby is a musician which today means lots of Computer access) So I get really smug when I see DS playing in a very waldorf way avoiding all the high tec stuff.This morning I stood for an age watching him as he retold the story of Robin Hood using his Holztiger Knights, I was so pleased. A real puffed up moment , until I got close enough to hear his narrative.....Robin Hood was telling the Sheriff of Nottingham that if he did not like his treatment he should call him on his mobile. 087654678739 ( or a similar string of numbers) or goto his website.....

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