Friday, September 28, 2007

ORGANIZING IDEAS: Creative Use of Baskets

I love having everything in my craft room and art room (some people call it the dining room) organized in pretty baskets so that everything is always ready to be used and I am more inspired to do my crafts and art and so are the kids. This basket organization system works wonders for our creativity. I can sit down any time and pick up my knitting basket and start to work. Suni often grabs the basket of wood to whitle and Sofi and her friends love to grab the baskets of paper and colored pencils. Having things out in view like this really helps inspire items to be used!

The only problem I was having with this organization system was that my CATS were always getting into the felting material. And they LOVE to sleep on it. I finally found a solution!!! Those adorable baskets with a hole on top. The small ones are meant to be kleenex holders and the large ones are meant to be picnic baskets that provide extra space for bottles and larger items. This one (see picture) is wonderful for my stuffing! Now the cats don't mess it up anymore and I always have it handy for my projects - no need to hide it anymore in a cuboard now that it looks cute :). I don't think I have opened most of my cupboads in a month anyway.

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